Interview with a top Senior Corporate trainer at 7 Marketing

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Each month 7 Marketing recognizes an exceptional team member for their successes with our company. This give us the opportunity to share what has helped them stand out from the crowd and excel as a leader. We interview them about their keys to success, ambitions and obstacles that they have overcome. This month we have chosen Analena Marshall.


What attracted you to joining 7 Marketing?

I was impressed with the opportunities for growth available to me at 7 Marketing, not only in terms of career development but also for personal growth.


We have seen you grow by leaps and bounds since joining 7 Marketing. What do you feel has been your key to success?

The key to my success has been the personal relationships I have built at 7 Marketing. The family like atmosphere really makes you feel supported, and like you have a strong foundation.


What are your objectives for this year at 7 Marketing?

This year I am looking to continue to develop myself as a leader and develop an expansion team. I am planning to move to Atlanta and will be opening an office there by spring 2015


How do you plan to achieve your objectives at 7 Marketing?

To develop myself as a leader, I plan to continue to learn every day from my mentors. In order to develop my expansion team, I plan to share my hopes and dreams, inspiring and leading others in theirs.


What are your goals for your team at 7 Marketing?

My current goals for my team at 7 Marketing, would be to train and develop my team to be more business minded, and disciplined in reaching their objectives. I also plan to recruit more leaders for future business endeavors.


How do you plan on helping your team achieve these goals?

I lead by example. I can only be a leader by being a woman of my word. When I help them achieve their goals, I achieve my goals.


What have been the biggest obstacles you have overcome while working at 7 Marketing?

When I first started, I wanted to do stuff on my own. I was hard headed and inconsistent in my work, doing what I wanted instead of taking direction. Once you bump your head enough times, you realize that maybe there is a better way to do it.


What advice do you have for other team members on becoming successful?

In order to become successful, you need to seek out all the help that is available. There is tons of help available if you chose to use it.


Which part of your job at 7 Marketing do you like best?

I strongly enjoy being somebody that everyone looks up to. It is wonderful to be a part of a team where someone always has your back.


What are your career goals with the company?

My short term goal is to be promoted as an assistant manager and open up a new office and campaigns in Atlanta. Once I have been promoted and have moved to Atlanta, I want to promote managers and someday be a business consultant.


What do you see as your greatest accomplishment at 7 Marketing?

My greatest accomplishment has been learning how to continue to evolve and adapt to change.


What would you like to be doing two years from now?

Two years from now I would like to be sitting in my office in Atlanta, calling Xavier to thank him for his support and dedication in the advancement of my career.



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