7 Marketing Shines in its Fourth Quarter

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Over the past few months 7 Marketing has seen tremendous growth across the board. In the past few months alone we have promoted four senior corporate trainers Derajah, Alex, Analena and Yulsef.  With his strong ambitions, elite leadership skills, and hard work, Alex was one of the fastest people to be promoted to senior corporate trainer after only a few short months with our organization.  We look forward to exciting opportunities available for our company with such strong leadership as we groom these people into future managers.  Due to the rapid expansions our company has undergone in the past few months we have also taken on a new business partner Lee Esteves.

We have been all over the country this year between multiple business trips and mini vacations.  We have spent several weeks in New York and Boston for various training and networking opportunities. Our corporate trainers got the opportunity to see how other offices where run, and learn how they could grow as leaders and team members, while simultaneously training other offices on some of the tactics that had been successful for us. Several members of our office spent over a week in New York to train and transition into taking on the Nature Conservancy as a client. Our team greatly enjoyed working directly with a charity and being able to be a part of something that impacts the environment so deeply. We look forward to taking on several new charities in 2015. For our more senior members, we enjoyed spending time at a Las Vegas business convention, where we met with business partners from across the country and a few international business partners. It was a great occasion to learn more about the business infrastructure, and see success strategies in other areas of the market. Our Cancun Rest and Recovery trip for managers and assistant managers was a blast and a much deserved break amidst all of our hard work. There is nothing like the hot Mexican sand, turquoise oceans and all inclusive margaritas to truly get a team motivated.

We have greatly enjoyed working with our client Assurance Wireless. Xavier has done a tremendous amount of work on making this campaign successful. He now leads one of the most efficacious campaigns and teams in the nation, having ranked at the top several months in a row.

What has been the key to all our success this year? According to Lee, we have been so successful because “We are constantly pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  If you always do what you are good at, you will never grow to be great at it.” His goals for the future include taking on several more clients and making sure that all of our senior corporate trainers push themselves the way he did and have the opportunity to be promoted to management.

Looking towards the New Year, we are looking forward to our unstoppable team taking on 2015 full forcedly. 7 Marketing will be sending two of our top performers Derajah and Jackie for a business and leisure trip to Miami. With our offices great success and his hard work, Derajah is also in the 2015 running for a leadership award that includes a trip to London. Management will be attending business training in the beautiful Barcelona.  We will be taking on several new clients, and plan to expand our offices down south to Atlanta and Florida. All told 2015 looks to be an amazing and prosperous year for our office!


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Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org


Fun Times at Camp Paradox

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We believe hard work never should come without play at 7 Marketing. For our annual retreat this year we choose Camp Paradox in upstate New York for a fantastic fall getaway. amongst the gorgeous Adirondacks with fun activities such as zip lining, canoeing, hiking, and fishing.



My personal favorite was the archery range since I have always wanted to try my skills with a bow and arrow. Even better was competing against each other to see which team was the best! The activities taught us all about our group dynamics and how to work more effectively as a team. It was a great opportunity to participate in challenging and fun activities while learning learn a little bit about our coworkers outside of the work environment.


We spent our evening relaxing by a huge bonfire, making s-mores, roasting hotdogs, telling stories and discussing our hopes and future ambitions.. I left the retreat feeling inspired and driven to keep reaching for the top at 7 Marketing! It was just the weekend I needed!


Award Ceremony in Baltimore

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Last week 7 Marketing had the opportunity to attend a massive national award ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland. This award ceremony brought together offices from around the world, giving them the chance to network, see how other offices ran their marketing campaigns and meet potential and existing clients.

Upon entering the award ceremony, the energy was immediately intense. Two girls suspended in hula-hoops came flying down from the ceiling and a mini Circ de Soleil style show ensued with multiple acts. This was followed by some incredible inspirational speeches. It really hit home to hear people’s stories of success and how they had once started out at the bottom of the ladder. Brian Smith commented that “it was super motivating to hear people talk about how they went through some of the same challenges I have faced and now are super successful” and that “listening to these speeches brought to light the opportunities that are available to me at 7 Marketing in a whole new way. I really want to be up there on stage next year with my own team, telling my story of how I became successful.” The breakdown of various people’s experiences from all different backgrounds across the world was truly motivating. It showed us that the field doesn’t care who you are or where you are from; if you work hard you will get the results. Your effort, drive and attitude are all that matters.

We got to hear directly from a multitude of clients and see presentations on the new ventures their businesses were pursuing. We learned about other office’s clientele and networked with potential clients. We came away with much better insight on what we could do for our clients and how our strategies were aiding in their success.

At this event there was also a huge awards ceremony. Due to 7 Marketing’s exceptional hard work and excellence, several members from our office were chosen to receive awards. Brian and Roger received the rising star award, Derajah and Jackie won the top performer award, Xavier won the outstanding achievement award and top owners award and was nominated for comeback manager of the year.jess5

Hard work always deserves hard play, so after the award ceremony we hit the town with our new friends, checking out hotspots such as the Power Plant in downtown Baltimore. It was exciting to talk to other offices in a more interpersonal level and see the same excitement in their eyes that we had.

Overall the event was a great networking experience where we were able to see the many different aspects of this business. We received so much insight from managers across the board on what worked for them and how they overcame challenges and we also learned about global opportunities available to us. It was phenomenal to be able to be a part of this experience and we all came away motivated to be even more successful.

Interview with Previous Intern Amanda James

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What most attracted you to the internship program at 7 Marketing?

I was very drawn to the amount of hands on training and experience I could gain. Although I was an intern I was treated as a full time employee, which I knew would be very beneficial to me as I finished my education. The fact that I had the opportunity to make money didn’t hurt either.


What have you learned working at 7 Marketing?

I honestly learned a lot more than I thought I would working at 7 Marketing. I was able to learn more about sales and further develop the skills that I had gained from past retail jobs and marketing classes and apply them on a daily basis. I learned how to set goals properly and use my SEE principal all the time even after my time at 7 Marketing ended. I gained leadership experience by not only watching my boss, Xavier, lead his office but also by having the opportunity to help and train new team members. I learned the importance of time management, a positive team atmosphere, personal preparation, and always continuing to maintain a student mentality in anything that I do because there is always something new to learn.

How has the internship program at 7 Marketing helped you learn about management?

I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of how to manage a team. I’ve learned little things like how to be encouraging, why you should always be happy in an office environment, and giving people positive feedback really keeps them feeling uplifted. I’ve learned how to give constructive criticism also and how to be tough when necessary. I’ve seen the importance and benefits of attending team nights and treating coworkers more like extended family. I’ve also learned that managing is hard but it is crucial to let your people know how much you care for them at the end of the day.

What experiences have you gained through working at 7 Marketing?

I have had the opportunity to go out into Philadelphia and meet all different kinds of people while working on the Assurance Wireless campaign. I’ve given office presentations, taught new Account Representatives sales skills, and come in early when asked to assist with team location management. I’ve been able to conduct interviews and have input on who gets to join the office. I’ve planned team nights, taken pictures for our social media websites, and been a part of some pretty interesting Throw down Thursday challenges. I’ve been personally selected for a business trip to Boston to assist another office for a week and have attended a national convention. I’ve been able to grow as a student and employee and made some friends along the way.

How has interning at 7 Marketing aided in your career development?

When going on interviews or networking at Career Fairs I always make sure that I mention my time here at 7 Marketing. Although I gained a nickname as “The Intern” that summer, I also gained a lot of hands on experience that most of my peers did not come close to at their own internships. I wasn’t just organizing files and grabbing people coffee, I was able to be a valued member who was treated the same as everyone else. The responsibility that I was given, the opportunities that I have had, and the hard work that I put into this are showcased proudly on my resume and I make sure people know that.

What were your expectations coming into this internship and how do they compare to your actual experiences?

I expected to learn more about sales and be given a quota to meet every week. That was pretty much it. I didn’t expect to learn all of the other things that I did and by the end of the summer I really felt that I had grown into a better person there. I always knew that if I set a goal and stay focused I could accomplish anything I wanted, and that was very evident I all of the goals I was able to accomplish there. It wasn’t just an internship, it was complete real world job experience.

What do you believe is the most valuable thing you have learned during your time here?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned during my time at 7 Marketing was the importance of hard work. Anyone can set a goal and anyone can go out there and try to sell free cell phones. But to be successful it takes more than just showing up to work on time and leaving at the end of the day. You need to study when necessary, understand your strengths and weaknesses, be able to help those around you, become a leader, mentor those who are struggling, and work weekends when necessary. It takes hard work. And if you are willing to put the work in then the sky is the limit when it comes to your success.

How have your experiences with the company impacted you in your current career?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to persue sales before my summer at 7 Marketing. Well there were some days even working there I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for this. But by the end I really enjoyed it. So after graduating from Penn State, I’ve been given a job offer at Ferguson Plumbing as a sales room trainee in Lakewood, NJ. During my interview when I spoke about my time here with them and saw their eyes light up in excitement, I knew I had what it took to work in sales and really succeed.

How do you believe on the job training is different from learning in the classroom?

On the job training is very different from classroom learning. For example, I love to take notes. I take beautiful notes with consistent bullet points, highlighters, headings, and as much detail as possible. And I can take all the notes I want in the world about sales, but you never really grasp it until you are out there for yourself applying it. That is where you sink or swim and understand your true strengths and weaknesses.

First Quarter Report

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 Last week was our annual regional conference. This was a huge event consisting of multiple other marketing offices from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Connecticut. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss various opportunities, client strategies, training opportunities and career paths available on the east coast.

Our company is actively expanding, taking on yet another assistant manager. Due to his hard work and dedication to the firm over the past nine months, Derajah Choy has recently been promoted. He hopes to take our company internationally, opening up an office in Jamaica and assisting companies with their marketing campaigns there. We had a fantastic time celebrating his success at Dave and Busters where we were joined by a few other offices for an intense pool tournament.

In two weeks we will be attending the national conference in London. We feel honored to have been chosen to attend this event as only the tops offices and managers in the United States and Canada have been invited to attend. We are thrilled for the opportunity to learn about strategies and ideas of European offices and be able to see what offices are doing on a global level. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to explore London via double decker bus, eat the fabulous food at Harrods, watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and check out the awesome nightlife at Picadilly Circus.

Media Contact:

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org

Interview with our newest Assistant Manager at 7 Marketing Alex Poulischoulk

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What attracted you to joining 7 Marketing?

I was attracted to the opportunities that were available at 7 Marketing. I came here right out of college to join the management training program. 7 Marketing promotes based on merit rather than seniority so I was excited about having an opportunity to quickly move up the corporate ladder based on my efforts. I was also excited for the possibility of some day running my own campaigns and own office.


We have seen you grow from an entry level team member to an assistant manager after only 6 months at 7 Marketing. What do you feel has been your key to success?

I had a do whatever it takes attitude about work. I commuted from just outside of Lancaster to Philadelphia for the first few months, because I believed this was the best opportunity available for me. I listened intently to the people who had succeeded before me, had regular one on one meetings with my mentors to discuss the areas I could improve in. I sought to always overcome my weaknesses and follow a system that had worked for others before me.


What where your achievements prior to this point that enabled your promotions?

One of my achievements was to make sure that I was recruiting and attracting the right people to my team. These leadership skills were the primary area that led me to be promoted to assistant manager at 7 Marketing. Business and networking were also fundamental to my success. They enabled me to see what other offices were doing and what areas I needed to work on.


How do you feel you will help lead 7 Marketing forward?

I plan to continue to keep building strong teams at 7 Marketing. I am taking charge of 7 Marketing’s new campaign and will need to build driven teams in order to make that campaign successful. Within the next few months I plan for 7 Marketing to be the best marketing and sales firm in the state. I intend to take on new clients both in the non-profits, and for profit divisions. My goal within the next year is to open a partner office in Florida.


What are your goals for your team at 7 Marketing?

I want to lead the strongest most successful team at 7 Marketing. I want my team to be running the best campaigns, recruiting the strongest people, and the top entrepreneurs.


How do you plan on helping your team achieve these goals?

Leading by example is critical in this role. As an assistant manager it is important to be what you want your team to be. Having consistency in my work, always showing up early, achieving the goals I set for myself encourages my team to do the same. It is important to set aside time with each member of my team to focus on the areas they are doing well in and train and coach them in the areas they need to improve in.


What have been the biggest obstacles you have overcome at 7 Marketing on the road to becoming an assistant manager?

Organization has been my biggest issue. I am not naturally an organized person so I had to work extra hard and be extra disciplined in this area.


What advice do you have for other team members in order to become an assistant manger?

Work hard. Be willing to go the extra distance. Regularly have one on ones with those that have been successful on this path before and find out what did and did not work for them.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Firstly I want to be promoted to manager within the next few months. Then I plan to open my own office in West Palm Beach in Florida. I plan to run nonprofit campaigns there, have at least three campaigns under my belt and be winning the rookie manager of the year award.



Exciting New Opportunities at 7 Marketing

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After excelling with our Federal Lifeline program we have decided to take on a brand new client. We will be helping one of the largest energy companies in the United States market there initiative to go green, to residential and business consumers in the tristate area.

Recently they have acquired one of the fastest growing residential solar panel companies. Working in conjunction with this company, the initiative focuses on using solar panels as the source of energy to residential customers. Their mission is to ensure that people’s energy have the most beneficial environmental impact, while providing the most electricity savings. Through this program people will be able to drastically decrease there carbon footprint at an affordable cost.

To gain the best and brightest ideas for this campaign we will be coordinating with other offices from Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio.

Our company greatly enjoys working with nonprofit organizations and worthy causes. We are excited to be working with a Fortune 500 company that is taking such enormous strides to make the environment a better place. We are looking forward to the opportunity to tackle this campaign and provide the best results for our new client.

Media Contact:

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org

Miami Trip Interview

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In November and December we ran a competition for the top team members at 7 Marketing. The competition was judged based on each team members displayed leadership skills, sales, training and development. The prize, was an all expenses paid trip to Miami, and the chance to train with the top office in the country. Jackie and Derajah were the winners of this competition. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss how this opportunity impacted their career path.


What were the keys to success for you in winning the Miami competition?

Jackie: After seeing that Steve Dongo led the top office in the country, I was highly motivated to gain experience working with him and see how he ran his office. When I open my own office I want it to be the number one office, so it was an amazing opportunity to learn from the best.

Derajah: I was successful because I applied the principles Xavier taught me and was consistent in my work. It took lots of hard work and constantly pushing myself to be better than the day before to succeed.

What did you gain from your experience in Miami?

J: I learned the importance of setting standards. If you are comfortable with where you are at you are failing. Growth comes from suffering. Before I went to Miami I was just kind of cruising, after my trip I was able to get back on track and was more motivated to build my team.

D: I was able to see a new side of the business and have my eyes opened wider to the vast opportunities available to me. This gave me a lot more confidence in the work I am doing here. I learned that if I put the effort and hard work I can accomplish anything in this business.

Do you have any advice to bring back to our office from Miami?

J: The biggest thing I learned from the Miami office is to set standards. Don’t be afraid to hold people to those standards. Call people out when they are not holding those standards.

D: Be consistent and work hard. Find out if you’re someone who sets the pace or someone who follows the herd. If you are just following the heard you need to learn to step up as a leader. Find a mentor to teach you leadership skills and the best ways to build a team. There is always room for growth an expanding. Know that practice makes progress. Ask a lot of questions instead of assuming you know the right way.

What sort of extracurricular activities did you do while in Miami.


J: The team took us to South Beach several times to relax in the sun. We ate great local BBQ, and spent time mingling with the Miami team and sharing ideas. I had opportunities for lots of one on ones with the managers.

D: We went out with Steve and the assistant managers every night, and built awesome relationships with the team. They took us to Ocean Drive, and bunch of popular nightclubs on the strip. Getting a chance to see Miami was amazing, it’s a beautiful city, where the party never stops!

What was your favorite part of the trip?


J: Being able to bring my family was amazing. My husband got more information about the company and was able to see where I am going and the opportunities available for me. He is now even more driven to help me pursue my dreams.

D: My favorite part of the trip was being able to learn from the number one guy in the country, what was working for him and what makes him so successful.

What did you learn from your trip to Miami?


J: This business is very doable. Hearing the same thing Xavier says from another manager reassured me I was on the right path and could be successful with this if I put in the work.

D: When people underestimate you prove them wrong.

What’s one thing that you learned about yourself from working in a different office?

J: I am very detail and structure oriented and it’s important to me in being successful. When team building it is important to have a concrete action plan and have it visible for the team so we can move forward as a unit.

D: I am a creator rather than role player. Role players are the people who come in and do what is expected. A creator takes it to another level and rises above expectations.

How do you feel this experience will impact your development in the management-training program?

J: My experience in Miami gave me more confidence in what I am doing. It gave me a great boost in continuing to move forward and put my all into it, knowing that I am on the right track.

D: I strive to one day be at the top and hopefully be even better than those that came before me. Being able to stay with one of top managers in the country was an amazing experience. I learned that life does not determine winners, winners determine life. Life is all about making choices, through watching his actions, I learned that it is up to me whether I am successful or not.

Media Contact:
Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org

The Start of 2015 at 7 Marketing

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In 2015 we have already seen rapid expansion. Due to this exponential growth in our office, we have taken on several new employees in order to tackle our client’s needs.

We have hired two new administrative assistants to help accomplish the goals of the office. Erin and Ashley make phenomenal additions to the 7 Marketing team. They have quickly adapted to the needs of our office and have greatly increased our human resources department and tackled many administrative tasks. Erin is from Rutgers University and started as an intern working in our community outreach department before being promoted for her hard work to our Human Resources team. She has excelled at the transition and we look forward to seeing what she brings to our team. Ashley is from PACE University and is joining our team in between college and law school.

One of the team’s favorites, Kevin Jesse was recently promoted last week to Senior Corporate trainer. Kevin Jesse is one of our hardest working, most enthusiastic team members, always having a smile on his face and positive feedback and encouragement for his team. He is on the fast track to management and we hope to see him opening up his own office very soon.

Our team has continued to expand across the board, we have also taken on five new entry level employees since January. With all of our expansion and hard work, we have consistently ranked in the top three offices for productivity in our division in the nation.

In other news our government client came to visit us today and gave us props for the exceptional work our office has been doing. It was great chance to talk about future goals and for them to discuss more expansion opportunities for us.

Already 2015 looks to be even more successful than 2014!!! We can’t wait to see what the other 351 days hold.

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org

Interview with a top Senior Corporate trainer at 7 Marketing

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Each month 7 Marketing recognizes an exceptional team member for their successes with our company. This give us the opportunity to share what has helped them stand out from the crowd and excel as a leader. We interview them about their keys to success, ambitions and obstacles that they have overcome. This month we have chosen Analena Marshall.


What attracted you to joining 7 Marketing?

I was impressed with the opportunities for growth available to me at 7 Marketing, not only in terms of career development but also for personal growth.


We have seen you grow by leaps and bounds since joining 7 Marketing. What do you feel has been your key to success?

The key to my success has been the personal relationships I have built at 7 Marketing. The family like atmosphere really makes you feel supported, and like you have a strong foundation.


What are your objectives for this year at 7 Marketing?

This year I am looking to continue to develop myself as a leader and develop an expansion team. I am planning to move to Atlanta and will be opening an office there by spring 2015


How do you plan to achieve your objectives at 7 Marketing?

To develop myself as a leader, I plan to continue to learn every day from my mentors. In order to develop my expansion team, I plan to share my hopes and dreams, inspiring and leading others in theirs.


What are your goals for your team at 7 Marketing?

My current goals for my team at 7 Marketing, would be to train and develop my team to be more business minded, and disciplined in reaching their objectives. I also plan to recruit more leaders for future business endeavors.


How do you plan on helping your team achieve these goals?

I lead by example. I can only be a leader by being a woman of my word. When I help them achieve their goals, I achieve my goals.


What have been the biggest obstacles you have overcome while working at 7 Marketing?

When I first started, I wanted to do stuff on my own. I was hard headed and inconsistent in my work, doing what I wanted instead of taking direction. Once you bump your head enough times, you realize that maybe there is a better way to do it.


What advice do you have for other team members on becoming successful?

In order to become successful, you need to seek out all the help that is available. There is tons of help available if you chose to use it.


Which part of your job at 7 Marketing do you like best?

I strongly enjoy being somebody that everyone looks up to. It is wonderful to be a part of a team where someone always has your back.


What are your career goals with the company?

My short term goal is to be promoted as an assistant manager and open up a new office and campaigns in Atlanta. Once I have been promoted and have moved to Atlanta, I want to promote managers and someday be a business consultant.


What do you see as your greatest accomplishment at 7 Marketing?

My greatest accomplishment has been learning how to continue to evolve and adapt to change.


What would you like to be doing two years from now?

Two years from now I would like to be sitting in my office in Atlanta, calling Xavier to thank him for his support and dedication in the advancement of my career.



Media Contact:

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org