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The London Conference

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Last week, due to the excellent performance of our office, our manager was selected to attend the National marketing conference in London. This was a real honor, as only twenty offices in the entire United States were chosen to attend.. It was wonderful conference with fabulous speakers, with a presentation ceremony acknowledging the efforts of these offices and there leaders. We are very proud of our manager and office for all the hard work that resulted in our selection
While there we had the opportunity to visit with multiple marketing offices in London and spend the day with them. This gave us much insight into the various strategies that are used overseas in order to achieve a competitive edge in the marketing field. This is particularly useful for us, since the primary focus of many of the offices we visited is in the nonprofit field, and we hope to expand in this direction.xavier3

Of course it couldn’t be all work and no play, so we decided to do some sightseeing. Some of the highlights of our trip where touring the Big Ben where we learned all about the British parliament, visiting the London bridge and best of all getting a spectacular view of all of London from the famed London Eye. We also learned that British food is not nearly as awful as it is made out to be. The breakfasts were actually quite amazing, although the addition of beans on toast is very bizarre. Overall it was a fabulous trip, and we are thrilled to have been rewarded with this opportunity.


Interview with our newest Assistant Manager at 7 Marketing Alex Poulischoulk

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What attracted you to joining 7 Marketing?

I was attracted to the opportunities that were available at 7 Marketing. I came here right out of college to join the management training program. 7 Marketing promotes based on merit rather than seniority so I was excited about having an opportunity to quickly move up the corporate ladder based on my efforts. I was also excited for the possibility of some day running my own campaigns and own office.


We have seen you grow from an entry level team member to an assistant manager after only 6 months at 7 Marketing. What do you feel has been your key to success?

I had a do whatever it takes attitude about work. I commuted from just outside of Lancaster to Philadelphia for the first few months, because I believed this was the best opportunity available for me. I listened intently to the people who had succeeded before me, had regular one on one meetings with my mentors to discuss the areas I could improve in. I sought to always overcome my weaknesses and follow a system that had worked for others before me.


What where your achievements prior to this point that enabled your promotions?

One of my achievements was to make sure that I was recruiting and attracting the right people to my team. These leadership skills were the primary area that led me to be promoted to assistant manager at 7 Marketing. Business and networking were also fundamental to my success. They enabled me to see what other offices were doing and what areas I needed to work on.


How do you feel you will help lead 7 Marketing forward?

I plan to continue to keep building strong teams at 7 Marketing. I am taking charge of 7 Marketing’s new campaign and will need to build driven teams in order to make that campaign successful. Within the next few months I plan for 7 Marketing to be the best marketing and sales firm in the state. I intend to take on new clients both in the non-profits, and for profit divisions. My goal within the next year is to open a partner office in Florida.


What are your goals for your team at 7 Marketing?

I want to lead the strongest most successful team at 7 Marketing. I want my team to be running the best campaigns, recruiting the strongest people, and the top entrepreneurs.


How do you plan on helping your team achieve these goals?

Leading by example is critical in this role. As an assistant manager it is important to be what you want your team to be. Having consistency in my work, always showing up early, achieving the goals I set for myself encourages my team to do the same. It is important to set aside time with each member of my team to focus on the areas they are doing well in and train and coach them in the areas they need to improve in.


What have been the biggest obstacles you have overcome at 7 Marketing on the road to becoming an assistant manager?

Organization has been my biggest issue. I am not naturally an organized person so I had to work extra hard and be extra disciplined in this area.


What advice do you have for other team members in order to become an assistant manger?

Work hard. Be willing to go the extra distance. Regularly have one on ones with those that have been successful on this path before and find out what did and did not work for them.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Firstly I want to be promoted to manager within the next few months. Then I plan to open my own office in West Palm Beach in Florida. I plan to run nonprofit campaigns there, have at least three campaigns under my belt and be winning the rookie manager of the year award.