Month: December 2015

7 Marketing Shines in its Fourth Quarter

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Over the past few months 7 Marketing has seen tremendous growth across the board. In the past few months alone we have promoted four senior corporate trainers Derajah, Alex, Analena and Yulsef.  With his strong ambitions, elite leadership skills, and hard work, Alex was one of the fastest people to be promoted to senior corporate trainer after only a few short months with our organization.  We look forward to exciting opportunities available for our company with such strong leadership as we groom these people into future managers.  Due to the rapid expansions our company has undergone in the past few months we have also taken on a new business partner Lee Esteves.

We have been all over the country this year between multiple business trips and mini vacations.  We have spent several weeks in New York and Boston for various training and networking opportunities. Our corporate trainers got the opportunity to see how other offices where run, and learn how they could grow as leaders and team members, while simultaneously training other offices on some of the tactics that had been successful for us. Several members of our office spent over a week in New York to train and transition into taking on the Nature Conservancy as a client. Our team greatly enjoyed working directly with a charity and being able to be a part of something that impacts the environment so deeply. We look forward to taking on several new charities in 2015. For our more senior members, we enjoyed spending time at a Las Vegas business convention, where we met with business partners from across the country and a few international business partners. It was a great occasion to learn more about the business infrastructure, and see success strategies in other areas of the market. Our Cancun Rest and Recovery trip for managers and assistant managers was a blast and a much deserved break amidst all of our hard work. There is nothing like the hot Mexican sand, turquoise oceans and all inclusive margaritas to truly get a team motivated.

We have greatly enjoyed working with our client Assurance Wireless. Xavier has done a tremendous amount of work on making this campaign successful. He now leads one of the most efficacious campaigns and teams in the nation, having ranked at the top several months in a row.

What has been the key to all our success this year? According to Lee, we have been so successful because “We are constantly pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  If you always do what you are good at, you will never grow to be great at it.” His goals for the future include taking on several more clients and making sure that all of our senior corporate trainers push themselves the way he did and have the opportunity to be promoted to management.

Looking towards the New Year, we are looking forward to our unstoppable team taking on 2015 full forcedly. 7 Marketing will be sending two of our top performers Derajah and Jackie for a business and leisure trip to Miami. With our offices great success and his hard work, Derajah is also in the 2015 running for a leadership award that includes a trip to London. Management will be attending business training in the beautiful Barcelona.  We will be taking on several new clients, and plan to expand our offices down south to Atlanta and Florida. All told 2015 looks to be an amazing and prosperous year for our office!


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