Month: July 2015

Award Ceremony in Baltimore

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Last week 7 Marketing had the opportunity to attend a massive national award ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland. This award ceremony brought together offices from around the world, giving them the chance to network, see how other offices ran their marketing campaigns and meet potential and existing clients.

Upon entering the award ceremony, the energy was immediately intense. Two girls suspended in hula-hoops came flying down from the ceiling and a mini Circ de Soleil style show ensued with multiple acts. This was followed by some incredible inspirational speeches. It really hit home to hear people’s stories of success and how they had once started out at the bottom of the ladder. Brian Smith commented that “it was super motivating to hear people talk about how they went through some of the same challenges I have faced and now are super successful” and that “listening to these speeches brought to light the opportunities that are available to me at 7 Marketing in a whole new way. I really want to be up there on stage next year with my own team, telling my story of how I became successful.” The breakdown of various people’s experiences from all different backgrounds across the world was truly motivating. It showed us that the field doesn’t care who you are or where you are from; if you work hard you will get the results. Your effort, drive and attitude are all that matters.

We got to hear directly from a multitude of clients and see presentations on the new ventures their businesses were pursuing. We learned about other office’s clientele and networked with potential clients. We came away with much better insight on what we could do for our clients and how our strategies were aiding in their success.

At this event there was also a huge awards ceremony. Due to 7 Marketing’s exceptional hard work and excellence, several members from our office were chosen to receive awards. Brian and Roger received the rising star award, Derajah and Jackie won the top performer award, Xavier won the outstanding achievement award and top owners award and was nominated for comeback manager of the year.jess5

Hard work always deserves hard play, so after the award ceremony we hit the town with our new friends, checking out hotspots such as the Power Plant in downtown Baltimore. It was exciting to talk to other offices in a more interpersonal level and see the same excitement in their eyes that we had.

Overall the event was a great networking experience where we were able to see the many different aspects of this business. We received so much insight from managers across the board on what worked for them and how they overcame challenges and we also learned about global opportunities available to us. It was phenomenal to be able to be a part of this experience and we all came away motivated to be even more successful.