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Interview with Previous Intern Amanda James

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What most attracted you to the internship program at 7 Marketing?

I was very drawn to the amount of hands on training and experience I could gain. Although I was an intern I was treated as a full time employee, which I knew would be very beneficial to me as I finished my education. The fact that I had the opportunity to make money didn’t hurt either.


What have you learned working at 7 Marketing?

I honestly learned a lot more than I thought I would working at 7 Marketing. I was able to learn more about sales and further develop the skills that I had gained from past retail jobs and marketing classes and apply them on a daily basis. I learned how to set goals properly and use my SEE principal all the time even after my time at 7 Marketing ended. I gained leadership experience by not only watching my boss, Xavier, lead his office but also by having the opportunity to help and train new team members. I learned the importance of time management, a positive team atmosphere, personal preparation, and always continuing to maintain a student mentality in anything that I do because there is always something new to learn.

How has the internship program at 7 Marketing helped you learn about management?

I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of how to manage a team. I’ve learned little things like how to be encouraging, why you should always be happy in an office environment, and giving people positive feedback really keeps them feeling uplifted. I’ve learned how to give constructive criticism also and how to be tough when necessary. I’ve seen the importance and benefits of attending team nights and treating coworkers more like extended family. I’ve also learned that managing is hard but it is crucial to let your people know how much you care for them at the end of the day.

What experiences have you gained through working at 7 Marketing?

I have had the opportunity to go out into Philadelphia and meet all different kinds of people while working on the Assurance Wireless campaign. I’ve given office presentations, taught new Account Representatives sales skills, and come in early when asked to assist with team location management. I’ve been able to conduct interviews and have input on who gets to join the office. I’ve planned team nights, taken pictures for our social media websites, and been a part of some pretty interesting Throw down Thursday challenges. I’ve been personally selected for a business trip to Boston to assist another office for a week and have attended a national convention. I’ve been able to grow as a student and employee and made some friends along the way.

How has interning at 7 Marketing aided in your career development?

When going on interviews or networking at Career Fairs I always make sure that I mention my time here at 7 Marketing. Although I gained a nickname as “The Intern” that summer, I also gained a lot of hands on experience that most of my peers did not come close to at their own internships. I wasn’t just organizing files and grabbing people coffee, I was able to be a valued member who was treated the same as everyone else. The responsibility that I was given, the opportunities that I have had, and the hard work that I put into this are showcased proudly on my resume and I make sure people know that.

What were your expectations coming into this internship and how do they compare to your actual experiences?

I expected to learn more about sales and be given a quota to meet every week. That was pretty much it. I didn’t expect to learn all of the other things that I did and by the end of the summer I really felt that I had grown into a better person there. I always knew that if I set a goal and stay focused I could accomplish anything I wanted, and that was very evident I all of the goals I was able to accomplish there. It wasn’t just an internship, it was complete real world job experience.

What do you believe is the most valuable thing you have learned during your time here?

The most valuable thing I’ve learned during my time at 7 Marketing was the importance of hard work. Anyone can set a goal and anyone can go out there and try to sell free cell phones. But to be successful it takes more than just showing up to work on time and leaving at the end of the day. You need to study when necessary, understand your strengths and weaknesses, be able to help those around you, become a leader, mentor those who are struggling, and work weekends when necessary. It takes hard work. And if you are willing to put the work in then the sky is the limit when it comes to your success.

How have your experiences with the company impacted you in your current career?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to persue sales before my summer at 7 Marketing. Well there were some days even working there I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for this. But by the end I really enjoyed it. So after graduating from Penn State, I’ve been given a job offer at Ferguson Plumbing as a sales room trainee in Lakewood, NJ. During my interview when I spoke about my time here with them and saw their eyes light up in excitement, I knew I had what it took to work in sales and really succeed.

How do you believe on the job training is different from learning in the classroom?

On the job training is very different from classroom learning. For example, I love to take notes. I take beautiful notes with consistent bullet points, highlighters, headings, and as much detail as possible. And I can take all the notes I want in the world about sales, but you never really grasp it until you are out there for yourself applying it. That is where you sink or swim and understand your true strengths and weaknesses.


The London Conference

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Last week, due to the excellent performance of our office, our manager was selected to attend the National marketing conference in London. This was a real honor, as only twenty offices in the entire United States were chosen to attend.. It was wonderful conference with fabulous speakers, with a presentation ceremony acknowledging the efforts of these offices and there leaders. We are very proud of our manager and office for all the hard work that resulted in our selection
While there we had the opportunity to visit with multiple marketing offices in London and spend the day with them. This gave us much insight into the various strategies that are used overseas in order to achieve a competitive edge in the marketing field. This is particularly useful for us, since the primary focus of many of the offices we visited is in the nonprofit field, and we hope to expand in this direction.xavier3

Of course it couldn’t be all work and no play, so we decided to do some sightseeing. Some of the highlights of our trip where touring the Big Ben where we learned all about the British parliament, visiting the London bridge and best of all getting a spectacular view of all of London from the famed London Eye. We also learned that British food is not nearly as awful as it is made out to be. The breakfasts were actually quite amazing, although the addition of beans on toast is very bizarre. Overall it was a fabulous trip, and we are thrilled to have been rewarded with this opportunity.