Exciting New Opportunities at 7 Marketing

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After excelling with our Federal Lifeline program we have decided to take on a brand new client. We will be helping one of the largest energy companies in the United States market there initiative to go green, to residential and business consumers in the tristate area.

Recently they have acquired one of the fastest growing residential solar panel companies. Working in conjunction with this company, the initiative focuses on using solar panels as the source of energy to residential customers. Their mission is to ensure that people’s energy have the most beneficial environmental impact, while providing the most electricity savings. Through this program people will be able to drastically decrease there carbon footprint at an affordable cost.

To gain the best and brightest ideas for this campaign we will be coordinating with other offices from Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio.

Our company greatly enjoys working with nonprofit organizations and worthy causes. We are excited to be working with a Fortune 500 company that is taking such enormous strides to make the environment a better place. We are looking forward to the opportunity to tackle this campaign and provide the best results for our new client.

Media Contact:

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469, clientservices@7marketing.org


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