Month: February 2015

Exciting New Opportunities at 7 Marketing

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After excelling with our Federal Lifeline program we have decided to take on a brand new client. We will be helping one of the largest energy companies in the United States market there initiative to go green, to residential and business consumers in the tristate area.

Recently they have acquired one of the fastest growing residential solar panel companies. Working in conjunction with this company, the initiative focuses on using solar panels as the source of energy to residential customers. Their mission is to ensure that people’s energy have the most beneficial environmental impact, while providing the most electricity savings. Through this program people will be able to drastically decrease there carbon footprint at an affordable cost.

To gain the best and brightest ideas for this campaign we will be coordinating with other offices from Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio.

Our company greatly enjoys working with nonprofit organizations and worthy causes. We are excited to be working with a Fortune 500 company that is taking such enormous strides to make the environment a better place. We are looking forward to the opportunity to tackle this campaign and provide the best results for our new client.

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Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469,


Miami Trip Interview

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In November and December we ran a competition for the top team members at 7 Marketing. The competition was judged based on each team members displayed leadership skills, sales, training and development. The prize, was an all expenses paid trip to Miami, and the chance to train with the top office in the country. Jackie and Derajah were the winners of this competition. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss how this opportunity impacted their career path.


What were the keys to success for you in winning the Miami competition?

Jackie: After seeing that Steve Dongo led the top office in the country, I was highly motivated to gain experience working with him and see how he ran his office. When I open my own office I want it to be the number one office, so it was an amazing opportunity to learn from the best.

Derajah: I was successful because I applied the principles Xavier taught me and was consistent in my work. It took lots of hard work and constantly pushing myself to be better than the day before to succeed.

What did you gain from your experience in Miami?

J: I learned the importance of setting standards. If you are comfortable with where you are at you are failing. Growth comes from suffering. Before I went to Miami I was just kind of cruising, after my trip I was able to get back on track and was more motivated to build my team.

D: I was able to see a new side of the business and have my eyes opened wider to the vast opportunities available to me. This gave me a lot more confidence in the work I am doing here. I learned that if I put the effort and hard work I can accomplish anything in this business.

Do you have any advice to bring back to our office from Miami?

J: The biggest thing I learned from the Miami office is to set standards. Don’t be afraid to hold people to those standards. Call people out when they are not holding those standards.

D: Be consistent and work hard. Find out if you’re someone who sets the pace or someone who follows the herd. If you are just following the heard you need to learn to step up as a leader. Find a mentor to teach you leadership skills and the best ways to build a team. There is always room for growth an expanding. Know that practice makes progress. Ask a lot of questions instead of assuming you know the right way.

What sort of extracurricular activities did you do while in Miami.


J: The team took us to South Beach several times to relax in the sun. We ate great local BBQ, and spent time mingling with the Miami team and sharing ideas. I had opportunities for lots of one on ones with the managers.

D: We went out with Steve and the assistant managers every night, and built awesome relationships with the team. They took us to Ocean Drive, and bunch of popular nightclubs on the strip. Getting a chance to see Miami was amazing, it’s a beautiful city, where the party never stops!

What was your favorite part of the trip?


J: Being able to bring my family was amazing. My husband got more information about the company and was able to see where I am going and the opportunities available for me. He is now even more driven to help me pursue my dreams.

D: My favorite part of the trip was being able to learn from the number one guy in the country, what was working for him and what makes him so successful.

What did you learn from your trip to Miami?


J: This business is very doable. Hearing the same thing Xavier says from another manager reassured me I was on the right path and could be successful with this if I put in the work.

D: When people underestimate you prove them wrong.

What’s one thing that you learned about yourself from working in a different office?

J: I am very detail and structure oriented and it’s important to me in being successful. When team building it is important to have a concrete action plan and have it visible for the team so we can move forward as a unit.

D: I am a creator rather than role player. Role players are the people who come in and do what is expected. A creator takes it to another level and rises above expectations.

How do you feel this experience will impact your development in the management-training program?

J: My experience in Miami gave me more confidence in what I am doing. It gave me a great boost in continuing to move forward and put my all into it, knowing that I am on the right track.

D: I strive to one day be at the top and hopefully be even better than those that came before me. Being able to stay with one of top managers in the country was an amazing experience. I learned that life does not determine winners, winners determine life. Life is all about making choices, through watching his actions, I learned that it is up to me whether I am successful or not.

Media Contact:
Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469,