The Start of 2015 at 7 Marketing

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In 2015 we have already seen rapid expansion. Due to this exponential growth in our office, we have taken on several new employees in order to tackle our client’s needs.

We have hired two new administrative assistants to help accomplish the goals of the office. Erin and Ashley make phenomenal additions to the 7 Marketing team. They have quickly adapted to the needs of our office and have greatly increased our human resources department and tackled many administrative tasks. Erin is from Rutgers University and started as an intern working in our community outreach department before being promoted for her hard work to our Human Resources team. She has excelled at the transition and we look forward to seeing what she brings to our team. Ashley is from PACE University and is joining our team in between college and law school.

One of the team’s favorites, Kevin Jesse was recently promoted last week to Senior Corporate trainer. Kevin Jesse is one of our hardest working, most enthusiastic team members, always having a smile on his face and positive feedback and encouragement for his team. He is on the fast track to management and we hope to see him opening up his own office very soon.

Our team has continued to expand across the board, we have also taken on five new entry level employees since January. With all of our expansion and hard work, we have consistently ranked in the top three offices for productivity in our division in the nation.

In other news our government client came to visit us today and gave us props for the exceptional work our office has been doing. It was great chance to talk about future goals and for them to discuss more expansion opportunities for us.

Already 2015 looks to be even more successful than 2014!!! We can’t wait to see what the other 351 days hold.

Jessica Soltis 7 Marketing, 484-344-5469,


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